First time massage for my husband was fantastic!

To all: you can go to the very expensive hotels and pay a fortune for your massage or you can go to Bella Vita and pay a reasonable price for an excellent massage. The atmosphere is not necessarily what makes the spa visit a good one; it is the hands placed upon you. And this experience was fantastic!

I surprised my husband and booked him his first professional massage. We did a couples massage and it was so enjoyable. The 2 ladies who gave the massages were fantastic and my husband fell asleep. It was that good. I probably would enjoy it better the next time as I was more concerned over my husband enjoying it!

The spa itself is nothing to write about as it is just a very small business and the rooms are very small. The only complaint I have is the dual tabled room, the 1 table was squeaking and it was very distracting. The ladies said they have asked for a new table and maybe by writing it in this review, they will get their requested table.

Overall: we would go back. It is worth it. The location is a little tricky to find but again GPS can easily get you there. The staff was fantastic and appreciated all they did to make the experience a great one. Just buy a new table for the double room please.

Thank you so much!!!

Visited September 2016

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